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Join Frontiers Abroad in New Zealand

Join Frontiers Abroad in New Zealand to complete your field training and experience diverse cultures, environments, and landscapes. At Frontiers Abroad our name reflects our unique field curriculum and teaching locations in a remote part of the world, New Zealand.

Our field camps and coupled field camp and semester programs are designed and implemented for undergraduates. Our point of difference with other study abroad programs is an emphasis on research, with a goal to make you a better candidate for top research graduate institutions and employment opportunities.

Current alumni are studying at Brown, Cal Tech, Colorado School of Mines, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Stanford, Scripps, UCLA , Vanderbilt Universities.

We are now accepting applications for spring of 2020 programs!

Now accepting applications for Spring of 2020


The Geology of New Zealand

Geologic Field Training. The Geology of New Zealand combines a traditional 5.5 -week field camp with a campus semester at the University of Canterbury. Central to the program is a semester long research project which builds upon data collected during field camp. Geology of NZ program is now offered in Fall semester with field camp in June and July. Read more


New Zealand Earth Systems

Environmental and Biological Field Training. The New Zealand Earth Systems analyzes current environmental issues arising from the interface between nature and society. This year, students study kaitiakitanga - the Maori concept of stewardship, field geology, marine and coastal ecology, and water resource management t. NZ Earth Systems program is now offered in Fall semester with field camp in June and July. Read more


Geologic Field Camp in New Zealand - Summer

Earth Science Field Training. FA now offers its field camp as a stand alone summer experience. Explore the Geology of New Zealand's North and South Island over a 5 week field camp. Students complete a series of mapping and field based exercises to introduce them to geologic principles andthe amazing geology of New Zealand. Read more


Earth Systems Science Field Camp - Summer

Environmental and Biological Field Training. Frontiers Abroad's Earth Systems Science Field Camp - focuses on analyzing environmental issues and hazards of Tonga and New Zealand. This summer, special emphasis will be placed on (1) Tongan marine system and (2) the effects of the recent Kaikoura earthquake on the marine near shore environment. Read more

Congratulations to former FA students Alice Oline and Tasnuva Ming Khan and Prof. Travis Horton for their new publication "Thermal Imaging and Biometrical Thermography of Humpback Whales" View the publication here!

Why choose FA?

  • Our alumni are attending top graduate schools in USA: Cal Tech, Stanford, Columbia, Yale - to name a few
  • Field Camp!
  • Research opportunities
  • Internship opportunities
  • Leading New Zealand Researchers
  • Family atmosphere
  • 500+ satisfied alumni
  • Adventure
  • Pacific Islands!

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