Earth Systems Photo Gallery

Here are some photos from past years of our Earth Systems Science field camp. Field sites have ranged from Rarotonga, Cook Islands, to the active Taupo Volcanic Zone (TVZ) of NZ’s North Island, to the Southern Alps on South Island, among others!

Note: modules may vary by year. Please click here for more detailed information about our planned field modules!

Rarotonga, Cook Islands, home to the Island Sustainability for Survival module
Underwater field work analyzing reef ecosystems
Analyzing shore sediments on the beach in Rarotonga
Students learning about cetaceans from humpback whale expert Nan Hauser in Rarotonga
Learning about underwater reef ecology, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Geothermal field work, North Island, NZ
Touring a geothermal power plant, TVZ
Learning about geothermal energy, North Island
We always manage to find time for some fun too 🙂
Learning about Kaitiakitanga, the Maori concept of “guardianship”, from a local Maori leader
Enjoying a Maori performance
Earth Systems students in front of a marae, or Maori meeting house
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) work in the Bay of Plenty, North Island
Students conduct land surveys, collecting data which will then provide the basis of semester-long research projects
Students getting creative with the VibraCore that just needed a little extra force! 
Local mega fauna! Students conduct a count of a local seal colony on the Kaikoura Peninsula


Learning about rocky reef ecosystems, Kaikoura Peninsula Marine and Coastal Ecology module

Mapping the retreat of Fox Glacier as part of the Mountains, Glaciers and Climate module in the Southern Alps
Measuring glacial deposits at Fox Glacier
Students working on hazard mapping of the city of Christchurch, Canterbury, South Island
As part of an ongoing effort to create a geopark on Banks Peninsula, students help map area vegetation as part of the Banks Peninsula Land Use module
Working to clear a new hiking trail on Banks Peninsula. Tough work!