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Kaikoura’s Waters

Our last day on the North Island ended with a beautiful river walkway in which the students classified the land use around the river where Pump (the largest bottled water company in New Zealand) draws their water. Although it wasn’t the warmest day or river for swimming, some students braved the crystal clear, blue water. It was their first, but not last, taste of cold water.

Once arriving in Christchurch, the students drove directly up to Kaikoura. The first day was a free day, but after that, Sharyn introduced them to the area. The day ended with a hike around the Peninsula with students from Sharyn’s Curious Minds camp earlier this summer. Overall, the students seemed to love being taught by and caring for the elementary and middle school aged students.

Since the Peninsula walk, it has rained here in Kaikoura. That’s alright though because the past few days have all been aquatic anyway. The students have gone on seal colony counts, dolphin counts, gone snorkeling, and have been on a boat to collect plankton to analyze. The highlight was this morning though. It was an early morning to head down to Dolphin Encounter. For three hours, we went swimming with Hector dolphins above the Kaikoura Canyon. It was absolutely amazing to be in the water with the wild dolphins. We got a special treat because we also saw bottlenose dophins and pilot whales.

Those are the highlights from the water in Kaikoura! Land work starts tomorrow.




River Walkway photos:

Dolphin Swim videos: