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Fieldwork in Rarotonga

Flight NZ 19 coming in from Auckland on Tuesday

Flight NZ 19 coming in from Auckland on Tuesday

Hi all!

It’s day two of field camp, and we’ve finally all made it. Yesterday, most of the students arrived and then were treated an afternoon tour of the island before snorkeling. Everything is going swimmingly although we are quickly learning about the strength of the sun. Today, we continued snorkeling and working on the geomorphology of the coast. We finished just in time to go jet-blasting under the flight from Auckland. It was a special flight because it held our last two friends joining us this season. The afternoon continued with fish identification of our snorkels earlier. We also went back out to look at the coastal geomorphology in a different location. On our way home this evening, we practiced cannonballs, or bombing in New Zealand according to Travis, in the harbor. Overall, we’re off to a great start and are looking forward to tomorrow!


Wishing you warm weather from Rarotonga,



FA ES 2016