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Interview with Samantha Bova

Samantha Bova— Geology ’10, Washington University in St. Louis ‘11

Research Project: What lies beneath: Deciphering magma chamber dynamics at Ngauruhoe Volcano

Samantha is currently a PhD student at Brown University

Why did you choose Frontiers Abroad?
I wanted to go abroad but I needed courses taken abroad to count for classes within my major. Further, I was required to complete a field camp for my major. Frontiers abroad allowed me to take geology course abroad for credit and complete my field camp requirement in the process.


Was the Frontiers Abroad experience what you expected?
Frontiers Abroad was far better than what I had expected. New Zealand was great but what made the experience were the people. The other students were phenomenal and the professors were great teachers and great people.


What was your favourite part of Frontiers Abroad?
The people made the whole experience and the field camp was amazing, also the incredibly beautiful landscape


How did Frontiers Abroad contribute to your career goals / pathway?
Frontiers Abroad gave me the opportunity to take classes I would not have had the opportunity to take. Coming out of undergrad I felt like I had a better breadth of knowledge of geology than many other students.


What aspects of the Frontiers Abroad experience did you see as defining moments / achievements?
For me the defining moment was turning in our finished maps of Castle Hill Basin. At the beginning of that week I knew very little about mapping and at the end I had a geological map of the area.


In a few words discuss what you have achieved since Frontiers Abroad, and the influence Frontiers
Abroad has had on your accomplishments.
Since Frontiers Abroad I have graduated from college and started a PhD program in geology at Brown University. Frontiers Abroad, including professors and students, have encouraged and supported me from the day I got off the airplane in Christchurch. Nearly two years later many of us are still in touch.