FA Alum

For many of our Alum their Frontiers Abroad experience is life changing. Through traveling to and exploring New Zealand you are outside of your comfort zone, yet in doing so grow and develop your sense of self. Whether it is through the field camp, field camp alumni, kiwi mates, semester programmes, or adventures you will gain experiences that wouldn’t be on offer on any other program.

Many of our Alum continue into academia, for others it allows and enables a time for reflection on who they are and what they want to achieve in life and in their careers.

Don’t take our word for it check out some of our Alum profiles below.

Alum Profiles

Rebecca on Hogsback Ridge, Castle Hill, Geology field camp. Photo credit Maggie Rubin.

Alum: Rebecca Matecha

FA Program: Geology 2017 Semester 1

Undergrad: Smith College Class of 2018, Geoscience Major

Grad: Currently a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Geology and Environmental Science. Research focus is on hydraulic fracturing through the use of Barium isotopes.

Current Dissertation Title: Controls and Impacts of Barium on Unconventional Reservoir Chemistry

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Alum: Julia Widmann

FA program (Year): Earth Systems, Semester 1 2017

Undergrad: Environmental Policy major at Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2018

Current position: Organizer, South Atlantic and Gulf Regions at Waterkeeper Alliance

Job location: New York City

Alum: Jessie Bersson

FA program (Year): Geology 2017 Semester 1

Undergrad: Whitman College, Geology

Postgrad: Current Geology, PhD

Current position: PhD Student/Research Assistant, studying experimental petrology and volcanology

Job location: Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

Alum: Tristan White

FA program (Year): Geology 2017 Semester 1

Undergrad: Geology, Colorado College 2018

Current position: Geology Intern, Freeport-McMoran

Job location: Leadville, Colorado

Alum: Claire Elias

FA program (Year): Geology 2017 Semester 1

Undergrad: Bachelors in Earth & Planetary Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis

Current position: Environmental Consultant and Geologist, Ramboll

Job location: New York City

Alum: Lissie Connors

FA program (Year): Geology 2016 Semester 2

Undergrad: Lafayette College (B.S., Geology)

Current position: Master’s Student at the University of Oregon (Department of Earth Science)

Job location: Eugene, Oregon

Adam using a borehole sonar tool to map out an abandoned mine in Northern Quebec

Alum: Adam Belkadi

FA program (Year): Geology 2016 Semester 1

Undergrad: Syracuse University (B.S., Earth Science)

Current position: Hager GeoScience Inc. Undertaking ground-penetrating radar, seismic reflection/refraction, electrical resistivity, and borehole logging methods to do a range of subsurface mapping.

Job location: Boston, Massachusetts

Alum: Iris Holzer

FA program (Year): Geology 2016 Semester 1

Undergrad: Geology at Scripps College via the Pomona College Geology Department

Postgrad: Current M.S./Ph.D.

Current position: M.S./Ph.D. Student in Soils & Biogeochemistry

Job location: University of California, Davis, California

Alum: Emily DiPadova

FA program (Year): 2015 Semester 1

Undergrad: Smith College 2016, Geosciences

Grad: American Museum of Natural History 2019, MAT in Earth Science Education

Current position: HS Earth Science Teacher

Job location: New York City

Alum: David Burtt

FA program (Year): 2015 Semester 1

Undergrad: Whitman College

Grad: Stony Brook University

Current position: PhD candidate in geochemistry/planetary science

Job location: Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

Alum: Samantha Tramontano

FA program (Year): 2012 Geology Semester 1

Undergrad: University of Rochester

Grad: Master’s – Vanderbilt University, PhD – City University of New York – Graduate Center, Queens College

Current position: PhD Candidate and Adjunct Lecturer

Job location: City University of New York: Graduate Center, Queens College, College of Staten Island

Alum: Andrew Zuza

FA program (Year): Geology 2010 Semester 1

Undergrad: Science of Earth Systems, BA, Cornell University ’11;

Postgrad: Geology, PhD, UCLA ‘16

Current position: Assistant Professor

Job location: University of Nevada, Reno

Further profiles in development…….


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