Why Choose FA?

Our field camps are “immersion learning experiences” that “take you to places of active research”.

Our programmes combine field-based education, inquiry-based learning, and research projects to provide an incredible study abroad experience.

Our field programmes are tailored for geological / earth science students, and environmental and biological science students. Each module has themes and defined learning outcomes, which scaffold and build your expertise in the varying fields of science.

With Frontiers Abroad we take you around New Zealand, and occasionally even to the tropical islands of the South Pacific. Field camps are delivered in a series of modules lead by Frontiers Abroad staff and associated academics. Frontiers Abroad field camps or our coupled field camp and semester programmes are designed and implemented for the field and research for undergraduates.

Our Top 10 Reasons

  1. Learn and study in New Zealand to complete your field training, upskill yourself, and experience diverse cultures, environments, and landscapes.
  2. Our field camps or our coupled field camp and semester programmes are designed and implemented for the field and research for undergraduates in geological, environmental and biological sciences.
  3. Frontiers Abroad staff are active academics, who appreciate and enjoy the experience of open air teaching and learning.
  4. “immersion learning experiences” that take you to places of active research
  5. Conduct your own semester long research project. Frontiers Abroad is partnered with two of the top Universities in New Zealand, University of Auckland and the University of Canterbury, providing you with extensive high quality courses in our semester long programs.
  6. A unique experience through our field curriculum and teaching locations in a remote part of the world, New Zealand.
  7. Become part of the Frontiers Abroad family – develop connections with our New Zealand based staff, global alumni, and research community.
  8. Maximize your experiences – explore New Zealand and the South Pacific, meet new friends, push yourself, pursue your goals, find your passion.
  9. Through our Frontiers Abroad programmes you gain skills and experiences that set you aside from your peers. Many of our Alumni find this has greatly influenced their employability and career successes.
  10. Be taken to places of active research

Field Camp Accommodation

For field camp we stay in a variety of accommodations. Our main accommodation is in field stations, buildings situated directly in the environments that we explore. An example is the Cass Field Station, a facility is nestled in the mountainous Southern Alps, surrounded by stunning views and minutes away from our field sites. The facility has a commercial kitchen, dining room and work space, bunkrooms, drying room, bathroom facilities and internet. We also try to include camping experiences and Marae (Maori communal and sacred meeting ground) stays.

Field Camp Food

For many students our field camp food and catering is just one of the many highlights. Unlike other field camps you are catered for. We accommodate dietary requirements and have cooks on our field trips that create sensational dinners, perfect after a day in the field. Each day we provide breakfast, provisions to make your own packed lunch and snacks, dinner and desert.

Campus Life

Our semester long, field camp and semester model, takes you to our partnered universities. For Geology students this is to the Univeristy of Canterbury, for Earth System students a choice is to be made between the University of Canterbury and the University of Auckland. At either option you stay in an on campus apartment, either shared with your fellow Frontiers Abroad students or with a diverse mix of kiwis and international students.

Semester Work

After your field camp experience you transition into a semester at the University of Canterbury or the University of Auckland. You will enroll in a Frontiers Abroad specific “research methods and application class” in which you will undertake your individual research project under the guidance of a research mentor. You will enroll in three other courses  (see Geol details and ES details Canterbury or Auckland).

Group in front of the Emerald Lakes, Tongariro Crossing.