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The Geology of New Zealand Programme (Geology) begins with a five-week field camp, a series of mapping exercises and interlinked modules, that explores the stratigraphy, mountain building, and tectonics of the South Island and the volcanology and geothermal geology of the North Island. Following field-camp students transition to a campus semester at the University of Canterbury located in Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island. While at the University of Canterbury students enroll in four courses, one of which is a research methods course based upon data collected in field camp.

Field Camp: mid January to end February, 2013

For 5 weeks, students will travel throughout the North and South Islands, deciphering the geologic evolution of New Zealand from a series of dedicated and linked field modules. This is a field camp experience and our goal is to provide students with a skill base of field focused techniques that will enable them to understand the fundamental causes and timescales of geologic processes. Field work is complemented by map preparation and exercises in the evenings, as well as lectures that highlight a wide variety of our staff’s field and laboratory-based studies.

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The Geology programme begins by exploring the stratigraphy, mountain building and tectonics of the Southern Alps. Following three modules in the South Island students travel to the North Island where they will focus on studying the world’s largest volcanic eruptions, and geothermal energy.

2012 field modules were:

  • Field Module 1: Introduction to geologic field mapping in an uplifted and deformed succession of Oligocene marine strata
  • Field Module 2: Gondwanaland to New Zealand: reconstructing the geologic architecture of the South Island
  • Field Module 3: Geomorphology: the Active New Zealand Plate Boundary
  • Field Module 4: Volcanoes: Eruption Styles, Volcano Monitoring and Hazards
  • Field Module 5: Geothermal Geology and Energy: a Sustainable Resource