Application Process

The application process for Frontiers Abroad is comprised of three stages

Stage One: Completion of Online Form(s) – Apply Now

Stage Two: Collation of Supporting Documentation

Stage Three: FA Review and notification of your application, accompanied by instruction of the next steps.

Application Timeline

You can apply to Frontiers Abroad at any time as we have rolling applications. We try to process your applications in a timely manner, contacting you if we require further information or informing you of our decision on your application.

What is Needed in Your Online Application?

The online application is a fill in form. Key elements you will answer in this form are, name, address, contact details, emergency contacts, billing information, selected programme, academic information and record, short application essay (200 words or less) – Briefly describe what your objectives would be on a Frontiers Abroad Programme.

The online application form is accessible via the Apply Now tab.

What are the Supporting Documents to be Included in your Online Application?

Home Institution Approval Form – This form is to be completed by your Study Abroad Advisor or Academic Dean. Form, to be signed and scanned and submitted.

Student Declaration – authorization to use information within application documents in the application and enrolment processes with University of Auckland or the University of Canterbury. Correct and complete information has been provided. Downloaded form, printed, signed and submitted.

Color Copy of Official Transcript – a copy of your academic transcript.

What other Supporting Information do you Need?

Supporting your application we require an academic reference. This reference will addresses your academic strengths and weaknesses,  ability to work in teams, enthusiasm, maturity, and ability to live in a small group for an extended  period of time. 

The reference is completed via an online form, and is as easy as providing this link to your referee and they will complete it online:

What are the Next Steps Once you Have Applied Online?

  1. Confirmation of your acceptance to Frontiers Abroad programme
  2. Confirm your “Offer of Place” to University of Canterbury or University of Auckland and online pre-enrolment
  3. Purchase your air tickets
  4. Apply for your student visa
  5. Choose you housing preferences
  6. Prepare, mentally and physically, so you are ready for the program
  7. Complete Health and Safety forms
  8. Provide us you dietary requirements

Frontiers Abroad staff will be there to assist you in these stages.